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Traveling Pharmacy…

April 10th, 2007 · 1 Comment

I got into a conversation with a Captain I was flying with the other day. The conversation stemmed from another one we were having about aviation headsets. I was telling him that I’d been meaning to bring my Sennheiser noise-cancelling headset with me to try out in the Boeing, but a couple of things had kept me from packing them. One of which was the lack of available space in my flight kit (or “brain-bag”). I told him that the only way I would be able to fit the new headset into my bag among the books full of charts and company manuals we’re required to carry would be to take out the small Tupperware container that’s full of “road-essentials.” We both agreed immediately that removing that item would NOT be an option.

Then the conversation turned to what necessities we as pilots carry with us in our brain-bags that aren’t directly related to our jobs. We surmised that just about every one we knew who flew professionally had something similar in their bags, and that the best way to describe what was in it would be the words, “Traveling Pharmacy.” The items in the box mostly have to do with keeping us sane and able to function while we’re suffering from some sort of malady whose symptoms become apparent while we’re away from home in the middle of a trip.

So what’s in my pilot’s “Traveling Pharmacy?”

Tylenol Sinus (Non-Drowsy, of course)
Carmex/Chapstick/Vaseline Lip Therapy
Greaseless Sunscreen
Hand Lotion
Hand Sanitizer

There are also a few items in the kit that aren’t necessarily medicinal, but might come in handy.

Two Plastic Spoon/Knife/Fork kits (complete with little packages of salt and pepper)
Emery Boards
Sewing Kit
Super Glue

The kit itself gets opened very infrequently, fortunately. It’s definitely a good thing to have for your own benefit, but it REALLY comes in handy when another member of your crew needs a little help and doesn’t have anything of their own.

Of course, I don’t share my Chapstick.

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  • 1 Micah // Apr 11, 2007 at 3:15 am

    That’s almost exactly what’s in my controller kit in my locker at the control tower!

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