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January 10th, 2005 · No Comments

A few weeks ago, there was a HUGE earthquake off the coast of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean that lifted the Indian tectonic plate a whopping 60 feet. Being that the subduction zone where the earthquake occurred is under about 30,000 feet of ocean, the rapid uplift displaced trillions of gallons of sea water and caused a tsunami that radiated across the Indian Ocean at 500 miles per hour. When the huge wave hit land, it wiped out everything in it’s path, including an estimated 150,000 people.

This is, of course, a horrific natural disaster. The stories and the pictures that have come out of the region are disturbing. Bodies in mass-graves, children left without parents, honeymooners swept apart by the rush of water, 10 day old babies found floating on mattresses alive after being placed there by their now-drowned parents. It’s all deeply saddening, and I don’t know if there’s a way to really express heartfelt sympathy to the people who’ve been burdened. It is necessary for the United States, a nation of “more-fortunates,” to come to the aid of the people within the disaster area.

Every time something like this occurs, we as a nation send cash, food, clothing, drinking water, supplies, and people to the area that’s been struck by a major natural disaster. Every time. Yet we ask for nothing in return. That in itself should show the world how truly compassionate our free society is. Yet, no matter how much aid we send, no matter how much good we do in the world, we’re still hated and feared by certain fundamentalist religious groups. We’re still called “infidels” and “capitalist pigs” and so on and so forth.

Many in our society believe that peace can be purchased. They believe if we send enough food and clothing that the people of the world will change their minds about us, that fundamentalist hatred for the U.S. will end.


You can’t buy friends. The hatred isn’t based upon “have” and “have not.” It’s rooted deep within religious history. They will still hate us no matter what we do. That may not be a very romantic thought, but it’s a practical one in my opinion.

Of course we’ll continue to send aid to all corners of the globe. That’s what we as Americans do. It’s what’s right to do. It’s what’s needed. Just don’t expect it to change the minds of all the radicals who would love nothing more than to do us harm.

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