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A lazy month…

January 20th, 2008 · No Comments

Partly by chance, partly by design, this month has turned into a rather lazy month for me.

A week of vacation took care of a four-day trip for me this week. All the other flying I was scheduled for this month meant only 10 days of work this entire month. On top of that, I spent five days in the second week of the month dealing with a sever sinus infection coupled with bronchitis. That cut my work month down to all of 7 days.

It’s not that often that a month is so wide open. Aside from the cold, I’m enjoying it!


My daughter started pre-school a couple of weeks ago. Her days are now full of letters, numbers, reading circles, playground-time,  and new friends. She’s very busy all day long, five days a week with all that stuff.

But I miss my little playmate!

She and I used to spend at least two full days a week together. We’d do all kinds of things together. We’d fly kites. We’d go to the playground. We’d kick the soccer ball around the backyard. We’d color pictures. We’d eat lunch together. Our days were always full, and we always had a lot of fun together.

Somehow, I figured that I’d be enjoying all the extra free time I’d have with Catherine in school. I’d planned to join the gym. I’d planned to get some work done on my aircraft models. I’d planned to work on my photography skills. But during that first week, I mostly moped around instead. Last week was better, but it was still tough.

Like it or not, she’s growing up fast. I guess I should get used to it.


What is it about pre-school classes and small rodents? I’m talking about guinea pigs in particular. Is there a preschool classroom on the planet that doesn’t have at least one of these hairy little bastards? My daughter’s preschool class has FIVE of them. FIVE!!!

I’m more allergic to these little rodents than all other animals combined. Just one of the little buggers has the ability to put me out of commission for days at a time. In a sense, guinea pigs are to me like kryptonite is to Superman. I can’t even pick my little girl up from school! If I spend so much as two minutes in that classroom with those danged things, I literally swell shut. My ability to breath normally won’t return for days, replaced instead with wheezing and coughing.


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