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More of my photography…

January 21st, 2008 · 1 Comment

One thing that is amazing to me about the internet is that so many small communities have sprung up where people can get together to talk about the things that interest them. If you like photography, there’s all sorts of photography websites with discussion boards to join and talk about all aspects of the hobby. If you like hockey, there’s all sorts of hockey websites with the same sort of thing. But there’s one hockey website that, to me, has become sort of an encyclopedia of knowledge. Not only is there talk of NHL hockey (mostly about the sad state of our particular team, the Los Angeles Kings) on letsgokings.com, but in the various other discussion forums there, you can get book and movie recommendations, talk about favorite television shows, get help with your computer troubles, and talk about the latest high-tech gadgets. What keeps these discussions going is the wide variety of people that involve themselves in the discussion boards. People from professions of all sorts frequent the website, from lawyers to film-and-television industry insiders to airline pilots to tile-setters to small business owners to stay-at-home mothers. If you’ve got a question, chances are it can be answered by someone on that website. It really is an amazing little place on the web!

That website is also why I’ve been sort of inspired lately to work on my skills as a photographer. Because of a particular thread in the site’s “Computers and Technology” forum that had to do with DSLR cameras, I have discovered quite a few other individuals who are as interested in photography as I am. There are some REALLY skilled and knowledgeable professional and semi-pro photographers that have gotten involved in our little discussion on cameras. The fact that we’re all fans of the L.A. Kings brought us to the board, but our discussion of photography is what has made us into a pretty tight group of friends.

A few weeks ago, I tried to think of a way I could get some “guided inspiration” to help me learn more about photography. I came up with the idea of issuing a kind of “challenge” to the photography buffs every two weeks. The challenge would consist of a single word or short phrase as a theme that would provide a bit of inspiration. Seeing how each individual photographer interpreted the theme would be part of the fun of the challenge. We could learn from each other by critiquing each other’s photographs. I pitched the idea to the group and was greeted by an overwhelming level of interest, so I started the first challenge on January 11th with a theme that was chosen by another member of the website. The theme he decided on was “glass.”

So away I went, trying to find some creative ways to capture images of glass objects. The results of my efforts can be seen in my gallery, but here are a few examples of my recent work that I’m most proud of:

I’m trying very hard to develope my “photographer’s eye.” By that, I mean that I’m trying to find new ways to look at the world in terms of color and composition, and to find new things to photograph to create images that are interesting for people to look at, rather than merely being interesting for me to look at. The people involved in our little discussion at letsgokings.com have really helped me with that.

A hockey website has had more influence over my photography than any of the photography websites I frequent. Go figure.

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  • 1 Zach // Jan 21, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    Hey there Glenn – my buddy has a great photoblog: Memory Motel. He’s been taking photo while and I think he does a great job. Great job on the photos of glass. I really like the last one.

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