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Travel to Beefland…

March 9th, 2008 · No Comments

I was checking out a travel magazine that had been left on the airplane the other day when I came across this advert on the very back cover:

I was totally blown away! For the first couple seconds I thought I was looking at a travel advertisement, only to discover from reading the graphic in the top right hand corner that it was an advertisement for lean beef!

The perspective of that image is amazing! It gives the two slabs of meat the look of cliffs standing above that river of gravy! And the parsley (or whatever leafy green that is off in the distance) made the whole scene look even more like a landscape! That’s some pretty amazing macro work and depth of field control, if you ask me. Whoever thought that campaign up was brilliant, and the photographer that made it all work is doubly-brilliant.

There’s more advertisements like that one on the beefitswhatsfordinner.com website, like:

Beef Beach,

Beef Canyon,

Beef Cliffs,

Beef Plains,

…and my personal favorite:

Beef Mountains.

That’s just a great bit of advertising photography there. I should cook up a big ‘ol steak to see if I can replicate it.

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