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Indiana Jones vs. The Martians…

May 26th, 2008 · No Comments

I won’t write a whole lot here about the new Indiana Jones movie, since I wouldn’t want to completely spoil the experience for those who may just enjoy (I know there will be one or two of you).

But I will say that I thought it sucked. Actually, I thought it sucked out loud.

Almost 20 years we fans of the Indiana Jones franchise waited while hearing the rumor of a fourth flick. 20 years, Lucas and Spielberg had, to come up with a story line that could have topped the first three, and THIS is what they give us? A slapped-together, schlocky two-hour SciFi Channel made-for-TV-quality plot, over-used computer-generated scenery, and actors that really just didn’t seem to be interested in their roles anymore? What a load of crap!! And what happened to Indy?? Indy used to be cunning, resourceful, mildly offensive at times, somewhat of a lady’s man, and unafraid to be forceful or get angry if it helped him get out of a situation. Instead of that free-man’s free man that was Indiana Jones, we get over-the-hill Indy who seems to have been overly-mellowed (if not castrated) by age. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you, Mr. Ford! You just didn’t act like INDY in this one!

If I could un-watch this latest installment, I would. I was so angry when I left the theater that I ranted the whole way home about it (didn’t stop there, did it?), and I should probably apologize to my sister and her husband as well as my wife for being so upset about the whole thing.

So Mr. Lucas and Mr. Spielberg have, yet again, succeeded in completely ruining a movie franchise of my youth that I was particularly fond of. Lucas wrecked the Star Wars franchise with episodes 1, 2, and 3. Spielberg wrecked E.T. by re-releasing it with an overly “PC” edit. What’s next? Going to re-edit American Graffiti? Going to re-release Jaws with newly shot scenes that make the movie “what it was meant to be in the first place?”

I just won’t be able to stomach giving these two film makers any more of my money after this latest disappointement.

There was one good thing about the movie, though: I paid matinée prices for our tickets.

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