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What do you do?!?!

January 16th, 2005 · No Comments

What do you do when you’re in the middle of a crowded airplane as everyone is deplaning and you find out that you’ve just been hired at the airline you’ve always wanted to work for?

I didn’t do what I wanted to do, I’ll tell you that. I wanted to jump up and down and yell Yahooo!!! I wanted to buy everyone on the plane a beer! I wanted to cry I was so happy and so relieved!

I found out when I landed in Salt Lake City this afternoon that a Houston Chief Pilot for Southwest had called and left a message at home. Only 7 messages left on my cell-phone by my excited-to-bursting wife to tell me to check the home messages clued me in to what was going on. Unfortunately, I missed his call, but he’ll be back in the office tomorrow morning and I’ll be calling him back then.

It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet, though. I’m not quite sure why, but I’m still in sort of a daze about the whole thing. It’s been what I’ve been working towards from day 1 with my career. Southwest has always been the airline I’ve wanted to spend my career with. Now I’m going to get my chance and I’m just dumbfounded at all the possibilities working there will open up.I’ll get to provide for my wife and daughter. We’ll get to put her through a good school. We’ll get to build the house we really want where we really want it. We’ll get to have money to save! We’ll get to have fun toys (I can hardly wait to buy my first airplane of my own)! We’ll get to be a part of the Southwest Airlines family!!!In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m pretty durned happy right about now!

I’ll find out more tomorrow when I actually get a chance to return the call to the Houston Chief Pilot who phoned at home this morning. Chances are, there’ll be a class with my name on it near late May or early June. Perhaps even earlier than that!!


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EDIT 1/16/05:

Spoke with Mike Penn, Houston Chief Pilot, this morning. His call was basically a “welcome to the family” call. Actually, the way he put it was “Welcome to the show!” It kind of made me feel like a baseball player who just made the big-leagues. In a way, I suppose that’s a good analogy.

There’s still a few more legal-type hoops I’ve got to jump through before I can officially start. First thing tomorrow morning, I’ve got to call a lady in the People Department to find out all the info. She’ll be able to tell me what the next step is. I’m sure it’s stuff like “Pending successful completion of a background check,” and “pending successful completion of a drug-screening” type stuff. Since I’ve never had any issues with that sort of thing in the past, I don’t see myself having any issues with it now.

She’ll also probably have a better idea of when I might be in ground-school.

Either way, I get to write my current chief pilot telling him my good news! That should be FUN.


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