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Been a few days…

February 11th, 2005 · No Comments

Not had much to rant about lately. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it has to do with the schedule I’ve been on lately. The beginning of the month was all messed up work-wise, with a trip from the previous month running into the first trip of this month. I was basically gone from home for seven straight days. After all that, I only had two days at home before I had to commute back out to Denver the night before another trip started early in the morning. As of now, I’m on night three of that 4-day trip, but this is the fourth night away from home for me. I get off work in Denver tomorrow at about noon.

I’m in Fort Wayne, IN tonight. It’s a miserable fly-speck of a town, in my opinion. The real problem though is that our show time at the airport tomorrow morning is 5:15 AM. With a 20 minute van ride from the hotel, that means I’ve got to be awake by 4:30 AM. That’s Eastern time, of course. Being that I’m a West-coaster, I’m used to Pacific time. So tomorrow I need to get out of bed at what is the equivalent of 1:30 AM. Then I fly all the way back to Denver, then to Los Angeles. By the time I get home at about 2:00 PM Pacific, I’ll have already been up 15 hours!

Latest news is that Southwest is going to slow its pilot hiring a bit in the coming months. The reason I’ve heard is that US Airways is still around (due to a B.S. government load guarantee that will keep the financially diseased airline in business at least until June). SWA was planning on picking up some of US Airway’s newer 737′s at a deep discount, which would have allowed increased expansion for the year. What’s all this mean to me?? Well, since I’ve basically been told I’ve got the job, it may just mean a little longer wait to go to class. I’d imagine that August is a pretty good guess.

That just means I’ll be around for more of the baseball season!

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