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Presidential Movement, brought to you by Starbucks Coffee

March 6th, 2005 · No Comments

So there I was, sitting in my seat at 25,000 feet on my way to Cleveland from Chicago yesterday when I hear this exchange on the radio between a Continental flight and Cleveland Air Traffic Control. Air Force One was flying in the same area.

Continental 1234: “Center, Continental 1234 requesting 28,000 feet.”

Cleveland Center: “Ahhh…Continental 1234…I’m unable to assign altitudes in my sector between 26,000 and 30,000 feet. Would you like 32,000 feet?”

Continental 1234: “What’s the restriction for?”

Cleveland Center: “Those altitudes are currently unavailable due to Presidential movement.”

Unable to resist, I keyed the microphone and said, simply: “Hope everything comes out okay.”

After a brief pause, the controller responded (with a chuckle in his voice and laughter in the background): “I don’t think it’s that kind of movement…but I guess you never know!”

I figure there were other folks on the frequency who laughed about as hard as we did about that little exchange.


Starbucks has overpriced coffee, but their hot chocolate and blueberry coffee cake are nearly irresistable.

Not being the usual Starbucks addict, I wasn’t exactly sure how to order the stuff I wanted when I got to the window at the shop in Chicago O’Hare’s terminal C.

“I’d like a small black coffee, a small chai latte, and a large hot-chocolate, please.” I said.

“That’s a tall black coffee, a tall chai latte, and a venti hot chocolate?” the young girl behind the counter asked.

“No, the coffee and the latte are small. Not tall.” I responded.

“Small is tall.” She said.

Yeah. It’s that confusing. Just shaddup, give me what I asked for, and take my money!!

I also noticed that Starbucks puts cardboard sleeves around their paper cups, presumably to insulate them and keep them from burning your hand. On the cardboard sleeve is a proudly-written note about the sleeve containing no less than 60% recycled cardboard. I find it a bit ironic that they’d be proud about using recycled material in something that, when used, creates TWICE THE AMOUNT OF GARBAGE THAN IF THEY WERE TO GIVE US THE PAPER CUP BY ITSELF!! If Starbucks were so damned concerned about the environment, they’d stop giving the stupid sleeves out!


I’m cranky because I’ve been at work for what seems like three weeks, but in fact is only 6 days.


Found another blog by a regional airline pilot. It’s way more upbeat and positive than mine has been lately. Go read it instead.


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