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March 30th, 2009 · No Comments

I don’t know exactly what’s been keeping me from writing for the blog, lately. I think it has at least partly to do with my recent discovery of Facebook, a site that I hate yet can’t seem to stop using. Rest assured, everything is still okay here.

We became something of a victim of the economic downturn when Jeannen was laid off earlier this month. I’m of the opinion that it was sort of a “panic-induced” move by upper management at her company (a finance-industry company), since it came the day after a record stock sell-off and she’d just gotten an “atta-boy” in the form of a $500 bonus on the previous paycheck. Oh well. When life gives you lemons, they say. I think we’ll be okay with a little belt-tightening. I’m hoping to work things out so that my wife can either stay home or work part-time. I think she’s leaning towards working again, though. The down-time during the weekdays seems to be getting under her skin (although I do appreciate how clean the house has been).

I’m working on setting up a photography club for employees of my company. I’ve met a whole lot of people all around our system who seem to have a geniuine interest in photography. I think an internet-based club where people can make friends and learn new things about the hobby they love would be a neat thing, and so do a lot of the people I’ve been talking to about it. I originally wanted to have it up and running by April 1, but life has intervened and I’m looking at May 1 as the target launch date, now. I still have some bugs to work out and some problems to solve with the web page software.

I’ve been taking a few pictures, too.  With it being Spring, I’ve been on sort of a flower-picture kick. I’ve also been doing a small amount of paid photography work. Hopefully there’ll be more of that in the near future.

And this week, I start 10 straight days of work: a “training sandwich,” i call it, where I’ve got recurrent ground school and simulator sandwiched between two flying trips. I’ll be leaving home to start that this afternoon. Lots of BUR overnights make it tolerable, and the pay is good.

The pilots here at my airline are in the process of considering a newly-proposed contract. After the small amount of research into it that I’ve done so far (reading the executive summary and several important parts of the actual contract language), my vote will be a “No.” This is not a “HELL NO!!” kind of no vote. Rather, more of a “No. It’s not status-quo or an improvement. Go back to the drawing board, guys!” kind of no vote.

We’re researching schools for our daughter to start kindergarten in the Fall. The public school right around the corner is the primary choice as it is a math/science magnet and is one of the best primary schools in the country. Apparently, parents have been known to camp out in front of the school the night before applications are accepted for the first-come, first-served enrollment process for the ONE kindergarten class they have. That seems a little stupid to me, being that its our local public school. Want to know what else I find stupid? Admission to the magnet school, which starts in first grade, isn’t based on any kind of aptitude tests. Instead, they populate the two first grade classes using ethnic demographics only. Acceptance there is 70% minority and 30% Caucasian (which sounds like discrimination against Caucasians to me). So a kid who lives across the street from this public school could be forced to go to the next-closest public school just because he or she doesn’t fit a specific demographic. What a load of shit! Now, in order for us to get our daughter into this school, we have to do something that is 100% against our beliefs. We’ll have to use our daughter’s mixed heritage (my wife is part Hispanic and part American Indian) in order to get her into this school. I don’t want our daughter growing up thinking that she can have things handed to her on a silver platter rather than earning things on her own merit just because of her sex or ethnic background. At the same time, I want the best education for our little girl. I so very much hate affirmative-action and race-based bureaucracy.

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