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August 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

I’ve decided it’s high time to finally do something about my weight. I’m currently at my heaviest ever.


And that upsets me.

I have a couple of negative personal traits that have helped me to be a horrifically efficient weight-gainer over the last seven years. First, I love food. I love to cook, I love to eat. And when I eat, I eat big. Second, I have a career where I have to wake up very early and then sit around on my rear end for most of the day. And finally, I hate the gym. I hate the narcissism, I hate the smell, and I have an aversion to pain (I injured my upper back about seven years ago in a gym and hadn’t been back since). Fortunately, these are all things I can change.

In the recent years, I’ve embarked on a number of fitness quests. They usually involve some way of changing what I eat and how much along with aerobic exercise of some sort. And I usually fall off the wagon after a month for whatever reason. However, I believe that I’ve now found a program that excites me enough to become a motivator to follow the program and stick with it long-term. That program is Apex Fitness’s Bodybugg ® calorie management system.

I was first introduced to the system about a month and a half ago by a good friend I was working with who is also rather “large-framed.” He had been on the program for several months and had been impressed enough with it to recommend it to me. The person that recommended the program to him had lost over 50 pounds by following the program. Initially, I thought, “Just another weight-loss gimmick…and at $300, an expensive one at that.” But after doing some research into it and thinking hard about the pros and cons and how I would do on a program like it, I decided to dive in head first and get started.

The program consists of two parts: an electronic device that you wear on your arm that tracks calories burned, steps taken, and activity levels (combined with a digital display that allows you to have an instant readout of your progress throughout the day), and an internet-based tracking and advice program that takes the data from your arm-band device and turns it into a graphical representation of your calorice and fitness performance compared to your caloric and fitness goals.

The device on your arm spits out data, and throughout the day, you upload that data via a USB cable into the web-based software. In addition, you keep a food-journal and input the foods you eat and their portion sizes into the software. At the end of the day, the software spits out a calorie deficit/surplus figure. Compare this figure to the goals that the software sets up for you after you answer a lengthy questionnaire to track your personal performance on the program. I find that attempting to meet the daily goals that it has given me of a 4050 daily calorie burn, a 500 daily calorie deficit, a 30 minute workout, and 10,000 steps a day is a great way of helping me meet the short-term and long-term weight loss goals I have set for myself. Also, similar to tying a string around one’s finger, having the band around my left arm gives me a reminder to consume food in a mindful way, as well.

In essence, this is a tech-geeky way for me to do something I know I need to do: lose weight and get into better physical condition. Since I’m all about tech-geeky, this thing is right up my alley.

As of tomorrow, I’ll have been on the program for two weeks. I’ve changed the food choices I make and I’ve added fast walks of distances ranging from two to four miles to my daily routine (though some days I just don’t have time). I’ll be going back to the gym again very soon…yes, even though I hate it.

I weigh myself for the first time this week, so I’ll see how those first two weeks have been shortly. The short-term weight-loss goal is a pound a week. The long-term weight-loss goal is 75 pounds (from…ugh…just over 330 lbs down to 255 pounds).

This time, I intend to meet the long-term goal. Since I’ll be working on this with my wife, I think I’ll succeed.

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