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Where’s Blogger?

April 12th, 2010 · 3 Comments

I’m here. Still plugging away at the good life I’ve created for myself with the people I love. That is, in case any of the seven of you that used to read this blog regularly are wondering.

I’m still working on the weight loss kick. As of today, I’ve lost 87.25 pounds since I started the program on August 10, 2009. That leaves me with 12.75 pounds to go until I’ve hit the 100 pounds-lost mark, and 21.75 pounds to go until I hit my initial target weight of 225 pounds. I feel great in both body and spirit, and I can only complain about one thing: the cost of new clothes.

In general, all is well!

I’ve been updating my Now Reading widget regularly, and my Flickr widget always updates itself whenever I add any new images to my flickr.com account. Feel free to check either of those widgets out to see what I’m reading and taking pictures of. Again, if any of the seven of you that used to read this blog regularly are still interested.

I’m also on facebook (ugh) now. Become a fan of Glenn Calvin Photography and get regular updates to my photographic portfolio!

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  • 1 chris // Apr 13, 2010 at 1:04 am

    Hi Glenn!

    I still read your blog, and in the era of Google Reader it is all too easy!!! Congrats on losing a whole ‘nother person!!! :) Happy Flying, hope for more updates soon. Vote Libertarian!

  • 2 Wayne Conrad // Apr 13, 2010 at 1:40 am

    Congratulations on your updated personal W&B.

  • 3 Philo // Apr 23, 2010 at 5:08 am

    Over 10 pounds a month is impressive! Jeannen must be disappointed to only have 2/3rds of her husband around. Just kidding, I’m sure you feel you have 4/3rds of the energy you used to have. Great job, keep it up!

    On an aviation note, did the RNP training result in you doing more RNAV/GPS approaches? I would assume so rather than old school ILS with all it’s stepdowns. The point of RNP was to save fuel on arrivals correct? It’s just a thought I had while on an NDB the other day…

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